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Wied il-Mielah - Gharb Country Walk  
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Wied il-Mielaħ - Għarb Country Walk

This is a circular walk around the village of Għarb, the westernmost village of Gozo and an ara of exceptional natural beauty. The name of the village is self-explanatory; għarb is Maltese and Arabic for west, so it si possible that it got its name during the Arab rule (870- 1127). The village is bordered by three hamlets: Ta’ Għammar, Birbuba, and Santu Pietru. This walk will touch all three. The motto of the village is In extremo vigilat – Sentinel at the borderline... of the island of Gozo.

This country walk takes us mostly through valleys and countryside and with every patch of ground having a story to tell. Historical reminiscences and legends are witness to an uninterrupted series of human activities in these areas.

Some tips:

  1. An illustrated route map found in this booklet helps you to follow this walk quite easily with appropriately numbered signs.  It includes also other routes (marked in green) for those who would prefer a shorter walk.
  2. Avoid:- (a) unmarked short cuts since many fields are privately owned; (b) going across points along the road where it is marked with a hazard, slippery or dangerous sign; (c) taking this route on days of rainy forecasts or inclement weather is strongly unadvisable (Wied il-Mielaħ valley acts like a funnel for most storm water); (d) trekking along the coast or going too near the cliff edge as it is very dangerous; (e) climbing rubble walls is risky and may cause damage.
  3. It should be followed in brought daylight, giving due time allowances for inevitable stops, resting, taking photographs and observing nature.
  4. A large binocular found on the spot offers a splendid view of the panorama (you may even get a glimpse of Sicily on a clear day, or else a passing vessel far out at sea).
  5. This route is also complemented with an Information Kiosk.  We would be most obliged if you make use of it and give us your views how we can continue to improve the surroundings.
  6. Take note of the General Information and helpful Telephone numbers found at the end of the booklet.

Distance: 4 km

Time: approximately 2½hrs (inclusive of short stops to take some photos at certain points)

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