Project Description

A long list of activities was carried out as part of this project. The main items can be summarised as:

  1. Rebuilding of derelict rubble walls
  2. Resurfacing of valley road
  3. Clearing of Debris from valley basin and surrounding area
  4. Building of Bridges where the road intersects the rainwater course
  5. Building of 6 new dams along the valley
  6. Reconstruction of the stairs leading to the sea
  7. Landscaping the area, including planting of trees, installation of rustic furniture and safety railing, solar energy powered security cameras, directional signs
  8. Publication of promotional material on what you can see and learn by following a heritage trail in Għarb, namely:
    1. the printing of coloured brochures to be distributed in hotels and farmhouses around Gozo which will market the country walk product at Wied il-Mielaħ;
    2. production of a coloured map of the locality of Għarb highlighting the main tourist attractions and the different walking trails that can be followed;
    3. coloured booklet featuring the history of the village of Għarb; what one can see and visit; how to get to Għarb; information material on the tourist attractions; the geological and ecological aspects, rock formation, flora and fauna found at the Wied il-Mielaħ area.
  9. Installation of visitors' audio-visual equipment and big observation binoculars

Duration of the project: 23 months (app.)

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