Project Background

Tourism in Gozo has long been considered as the Pillar of Sustainable Development in Gozo. Although the tourism industry in Gozo faces seasonal problems, it has the potential for further growth. Gozo has distinct advantages for tourism, including its natural assets and its cultural and heritage attractions that provide potential for further exploitation. In addition, the island's tranquility and rural environment makes it particularly attractive to new tourist markets such as health and rural tourism. Eco tourism is considered as the fastest growing market in the tourism industry. Surveys carried out show that a good number of tourists who visit our country go for walking and/or hiking. Gozo is no exception as the number of tourists who stay in Gozo only and go for walking and/or hiking is higher than in mainland Malta.

The Għarb Local Council is well aware of its responsibilities and wants to be at the forefront to make Gozo more attractive for the trekking tourist, particularly when this locality is very popular as a holiday resort for both foreign and Maltese residents, some of whom have even adopted this locality as their second home. Għarb is also rich in culture and historical patrimony - the Crafts Village, the unique monumental baroque Basilica Church, Ta' Pinu National Sanctuary, countryside chapels, etc. A number of craftsmen still operate traditional trades and crafts – the manufacturer of the Sikkina tal-Għarb (sharp knife), blacksmiths, locksmiths, cotton weavers and lace manufacturers, carpenters and masters in cane works. One can still witness shepherds going out with their herd to graze at the Wied il-Mielaħ area, later on to produce the best Gozo cheese (ġbejniet) on the Island.

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