Now that the project has been completed, the Għarb Local Council is offering a new product for walking tourism in Gozo. The Council now expects that 0.8% of the tourists who visit Gozo to experience country walks will be attracted and actually visit the Wied il-Mielaħ area.

This project targets also to meet the Government's vision to transform Gozo into an eco-friendly island, that is, 'a model for sustainable living, development and environment protection'. Eco-Gozo, Government's vision for the island lays down a series of actions that will render the island a place where the environment is safeguarded and promoted and where one takes a pro-active approach towards eco-friendly living.

Amongst it proposals to achieve the Eco-Gozo objective, Government proposes also to launch the formulation of an integrated plan for the management of water, including rain-water and other natural resources. The Għarb Local Council has triggered off this process and now forms part of this initiative as after the building of the 6 new dams, these have increased the new rain water retention and storage capacity in catchment areas by circa 7,200m³.

Other results include the reconstruction of 921m³ of rubble walls and the building of 8 bridges to improve road accessibility.

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